How to Be Confident in Interview

How to Be Confident in Interview

3 Tips for a Successful Interview

Don’t focus on winning, focus on responding to the pressure being thrown at you:

The interviewer has the power to scare you, make you feel bad and make you realize how undeserving you are. The interviewer notices how you answer the questions more than what you answer. Your voice, your hand movements, your eye movements. All these accounts for your authenticity in claiming all the strong claims you have made about yourself in your cv. So, practice with me in developing multiple ways to handle pressure and stress. With Neuro-Linguistic Programming Let’s explore multiple ways of handling challenges.

Attend as many as interviews possible and note down all the questions being asked: Study those questions and develop a variety of answers to those questions. Then practice them with your friends or a coach. Learn by experience. Rejection is powerful, powerful only if you learn from it. So, don’t feel down because you get rejected. learn what you need to be to showcase your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Hire a coach: develop a career map. Clarity about your career gives you enough juice to handle interview pressure and threatening questions thrown at you during an interview.

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