Art of Ignoring

Art of Ignoring

Have you been told “learn to pay attention?”
Or “learn to Focus?”
“you are not listening!”
“where is your mind?”
I have been told all of that. Many times, over and over. I used to feel bad. Then one day I eventually realised may be there is a reason why I suddenly lose attention. May be, I don’t want to listen to something that is meaningless to me (at any point in my life).
So, I choose to become aware and started consciously ignoring anything that wasn’t serving any purpose. And believe me it wasn’t easy. Ignoring is not as easy as you might think if you want to consciously do it.
Ignoring is as important as engaging. It requires us to turn off our senses receiving information about anything we don’t want to receive.
What does ignoring means to me?
Ignoring means selective focus anytime anywhere.
Ignoring is like that opposite of law of attraction.


You need to replace, avoid, stop unwanted thoughts, opinions and relationships with whatever you can at that moment. Begin small but begin. And things will get better.

Not to Do Check List


Ignoring helps to keep a check on what triggers anxiety, shock or stress.
It aids the sustenance of wellbeing and reinforcing what is productive and meaningful.
So, what would you like to replace in your life right now?
Want to share your ideas with me?
Come join me on my journey to develop concepts, content and creativity that contributes to all of us.

Happy reading
Love and Joy
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