7 tested steps to become smart

7 tested steps to become smart

1.Read books more often

Reading is the simplest way to facilitate brain activity, and it is also an opportunity to stretch the brain capacity. Reading provides applied assistance by introducing one to new vocabulary, proper grammar usage, and a well-written sentence.
Reading books will help you form a different view about things. Be it non fiction, war, political or fictional books will help you develop a fresh view about the world.
Everything you read gives you knowledge.

2. Always write down what you learn.

Like reading, writing also encourages vocabulary growth and grammar skills. Writing helps the brain to store information very effectively. According to some studies, it has been shown that students who regularly take handwritten notes during classes always get better grades. Not only will writing be a great way of keeping record of everything you do, it will also serve as a good source of motivation.

3.Share what you learn with other people.

Sharing what you’ve learnt with   someone else is a great way to retain all you’ve learnt. And, if you can boldly explain what you’ve learnt to someone else it means you understand it well enough.

4. Hang out with people smarter than yourself.

Everyday, try to spend as much time as possible with smart people. Always stay humble and willing to learn when you are always around people who are more knowledgeable than you, you’ll have no choice but to learn more.

5.Play games that require thinking

Some games, like Chess, Scrabble, Soduku and Monopoly helps expand our mind. Always challenge yourself when you play these games.
Board games and puzzles aren’t just fun, they’re also a great way to work out the brain.

6.Exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Always go for brain foods that help in fueling your thinking, and avoid intake of heavy meals and alcohol, they will only make you sluggish. When your energy level drops, do well to take a walk, because the higher the amount of blood flowing into your brain, the better your performance. Mahatma Gandhi and Charles Darwin were great thinkers popularly known for their long walks.
Lack of inspiration, mental fatigue, and motivation are as a result of little to no exercise and intake of unhealthy foods. If you wish to reverse these unhealthy tendencies, try taking less of sugar, fat, and fast foods, and start including more fruits, lean meats and vegetables to your daily diet.
There are also drinks that have been recommended to help brain function. Drinks like raw cacao hot chocolate, ginko biloba tea and matcha green tea are all beneficial for the brain.

7.Explore new areas.

If you can’t afford to travel every day, the least you can do is to find something new within your hometown. Take it upon yourself to learn new facts about your hometown, meet new people, and that way you’ll understand something new about the world. This exercise no matter how little or effortless is far more productive than lazing about at home and watching TV.

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