3 Ways to be Self-Confident

3 Ways to be Self-Confident

How to Captivate Others by Being Yourself

Begin With The Power Of Vulnerability

Begin With The Power Of Vulnerability: First make a list of 100 weaknesses, limitations or things that you don’t like about yourself. Next start finding humor in them, as many as you can. Share these in the form of stories with the world by writing and speaking. Yes, you will face both rejection and acceptance by your audience. Learn and keep growing.

Explore Various Styles Of Communications

Explore Various Styles Of Communications: Explore Improv – Playback – Stand-up comedy – Drama – Poetry recitation and Storytelling. Do all of them each for a month. Discover what fires your super powers. Then stick to it and nurture your skills.

Let’s Vlog It Together

Let’s Vlog It Together: Share what you enjoy with the world at large. Work on your Public Speaking, Vlogging and Blogging skills. You can join me on my journey and learn how to share your stories with the world.

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