3 ways to be Consistent

3 ways to be Consistent

Consistency [behavior]: a repetitive pattern which is not repeated occasionally, rarely or by mistake but by:
Compulsion is the fuel: in simple terms you need to be mad about something.

Coaching: Learn how to improve what you are doing and do it better

Expiry Date: all bad things come to an end and so does all good things. One day when you will be satisfied you will gradually start losing your consistency and it will change into something else. So, nothing is permanent.

Let’s understand how compulsion fuels consistency. My behaviors are a combination of logic and emotions. I have used logic to motivate myself to go to the gym for a week but I haven’t been able to sustain that more than a week.
I don’t know. I thought about it. Yet no answer.

Then one day I got a chance to get on stage and perform. I always wanted to perform on stage. I finally had my chance. I saw myself in the mirror and asked myself “am I ready?”
This is not the guy I want to see on stage. This is not the version of me I want to take on stage. The moment I realised that I change my diet, my sense of dressing, my reading habits, my… what not.
Why did I change?
No one told me to do so. No one. There was no external motivation. There was no logic to explain. And I was listening to the voice that was coming from within me. A voice I couldn’t suppress. A voice that was so intense I felt pulled towards it. You can label it as anything you want: compulsion, inspiration, inner joy, self-motivation, whatever way you want to label it go ahead.
The point is I got my consistency!!
When was the last time something like that happened to you?

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