3 ways of creating Breakthroughs

3 ways of creating Breakthroughs

Do you need a breakthrough right now?
I am looking for breakthroughs every now and then.
I keep asking myself “now what?”
“what else is possible?”
“how else can I understand xyz?”
So, when I desperately want a breakthrough where do I begin?
Right where I am!!
How to warm up for a breakthrough?
How to get into a state that will attract breakthroughs?
I start breathing differently. I sit in a different way. I walk in a different way. I just do the simplest things in a different way. Continue doing as long as I feel like. Pause then repeat again. This is how I prepare myself to become aware of the randomness of life. Life is both predictable and unpredictable. So, I keep discovering how to stay in a relaxed-alert mode.
In technical terms this process is called Routine Disruption.
A routine is great to sustain consistent results but what happens when you have a new goal?
A routine is great to sustain consistent results but what happens when there is a sudden external change?
What do you do?
Blame the heavens, the sun and the star?

Some challenging truths about Breakthroughs:

Sometimes a breakthrough comes after a breakdown:
At any point of time in your life when pain surpasses your tolerance what happens?
What happens when you hit rock bottom?
You start questioning your beliefs and values.
“What is true?”
“What is right and what is wrong?”
This is when you seek change and it motivates you to discover a new way of doing something.


Your way of experiencing emotions and expressing emotions is the key to change:

Use your frustrations, fear, failures, heartbreaks, insults to find new ways to express yourself. Write a new chapter of your life. Write a new metaphor on your life. Find a new connection with unrelated things and give a new meaning that will encourage you. Find humor in failure. But it all begins when you ask “what else is possible?”

Expert Support System:
Help is always around. Identify who can be your best help and explore how to cultivate your strengths and manage weaknesses. Being your journey to seek help.

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