Tariq M Kayes - Public speaking and NLP coach

Introductory consultation

Let’s take a call. Share your dreams. Let's Discover how we can work as a team.

Find new ways to discover a new story that will change the way you perceive difficulties.
This website is dedicated to all my supporters and critics who have given me enough encouragement and reasons to brand my public speaking coaching in new ways. As a public speaking coach my challenge is to unstandardise standard coaching methods and improvise my coaching methods as per your needs and goals.
Join me on my journey as a learner, associate and an ambassador and let’s take self branding, learning and survival instincts to new heights.

Love and joy

Fear is good, yes, and I’ll show you how to use it to your advantage. Whatever is your problem it’s time you learned how to use that to improve your public speaking. Public speaking to me is one of the most exciting ways to tell stories. I dream big but what I value more is taking the first step towards my dream, step by step and consistent. Nothing motivates me more than daily little bits of success.
Writing, Speaking and Coaching are now a huge part of my life. I never standardise my coaching style because every individual is different. So, expect variety.